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The RainforestECO collection features original botanical art and photographs of Brazilian rainforests by international artist Alana Lea.

Beyond beauty, Alana’s “Passionflower” has been used for centuries to calm the nerves and reduce anxiety. It seems like the perfect totem to begin our journey into the rainforest.

Each membership will help support her charity, iGiveTrees, and other philanthropic efforts. Alana is very focused on bringing environmental change through educating like-minded people

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As the founder of a non-profit reforestation project and environmental artist, Alana Lea releasing the NFTs to help you understand why Brazilian forests matter to the entire planet. They are game changers for the climate change challenges we all face right now because of their ability to recover degraded land quickly, rebalance water cycles of drought and flooding, replenish biodiversity and wildlife, all while sinking atmospheric carbon.

Alana’s non-profit project iGiveTrees grew from the small actions of school children who baked cookies to fund the first donations of trees we made in 2010. Now you can do so much more than they did, thanks to our partnership with ViciNFT who carries our mission to the world.